Things Successful People Never Say

Small business owners often have a level of ambition that is higher than the average person on the street. Their drive to succeed sets them apart from their contemporaries, leading some to believe that it has to do with traits that they are born with and not learned.

In fact, it is the opposite that is true, as successful people in business have adopted a vocabulary and accompanying mindset that has helped to propel them to the top. With that in mind, we will review a few phrases below that a winning entrepreneur will never say…

“I can’t…”

Henry Ford once made the point that having faith or no faith in one’s abilities played a huge role in the end results that a person would achieve.

When an entrepreneur has no confidence in their skill set, it doesn’t matter how much they have learned, as their lack of drive will sabotage them before they have even crossed the starting line.

Things in life are less complicated than people make them out to be, so those that choose to believe in their ability to learn on the fly shouldn’t act too surprised when they find themselves achieving results that they had previously considered to be “impossible”.

“I can do it all on my own”

Entrepreneurs tend to have a super hero complex about them when it comes to getting things done. While many aspects of an enterprise can be completed by one person in the initial stages of a startup, there comes a point when these onerous tasks can bleed away valuable time that should be spent on higher level business activities.

When bookkeeping, processing payroll and marketing become too much to bear, the savvy businessperson should make their first investment in acquiring (an) employee(s).

Whether they take up a cubicle in a physical office or complete their work from a remote location, the workload taken off a beleaguered executive’s desk can free their mind, enabling them to use it to take their business to the next level.

“This issue is not my problem”

When a business owner begins to delegate tasks to employees and subcontractors, it is tempting for them to disassociate themselves from various problems that may occur between departments.

This is a mistake, as many people are non-confrontational; it is foolhardy to assume that they will resolve certain issues on their own.

Whether it is interpersonal problems, or inefficiencies in communication up and down the chain of command, senior management has an important role to play in helping to resolve these issues.

By reviewing incidents and making changes that will ensure that future occurrences of these problems are minimized or eliminated, a productive work environment can be maintained.

Furthermore, when the business owner makes a mistake, it is important that they own up to it in order to set a good example for the people that work under them.

When employees see that there isn’t a two-tier system in place when it comes to playing by the rules, they will be more motivated to work towards the common goals of the organization.

“I’ve always done things this way”

This is a dangerous statement for a successful business person to make in the 21st century. At no point in history has technological and social change occurred so quickly in such a short period of time.

By doing things the way that they have always been done, the flat-footed entrepreneur leave themselves open to getting outflanked and left behind by their competitors in a matter of a few short years.

The business owner that is always learning and innovating stands the best chance of remaining successful in the years and decades to come.

How to choose a business broker in Pennsylvania

Savvy entrepreneurs know that choosing a competent business broker in Pennsylvania makes the difference between a smooth sales process or one that is fraught with problems from start to finish.

However, business owners who are selling their enterprise for the first time may not know what to look for in an honest and effective practice.

In this article, we will outline three things that a first-time business seller should keep in mind when picking a business broker in Pennsylvania.


Research their background and credentials

In business, there are plenty of bad actors, so it’s vital to ensure that any business broker in PA that is under consideration has licenses from professional organizations such as the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA).

At the state level, entrepreneurs looking to buy or sell a business through a business broker in Northampton County, PA, for example, should ensure that they at least have membership through the Pennsylvania Business Brokers Association (PBBA).

Membership in either of the previous mentioned organizations requires that these brokers follow a set of codified rules that ensure ethical business practices.

As a result, those looking to use their services can be assured that they will be treated in a fair and honest manner.

In addition, be certain that business brokers in Pennsylvania that are being considered have experience selling businesses in the industry in which the entrepreneur is involved, or at minimum, a knowledge of the market.

By performing this essential task, the probability of a successful sale or purchase will increase dramatically.

Are they really interested in helping people sell businesses?

While most people involved in the business brokerage industry genuinely enjoy what they do, others may be in it simply for the commission.

True professionals that work for a business broker in Lebanon County, PA, for example will take the time to learn about the inner workings of any business that comes across their desk, and they will ask questions that will enable them to understand the motivations behind the sale of a business.

Armed with this information, they will be able to move forward with the intentions of their clients in mind, and they will be able to tailor their tactics appropriately when dealing with potential buyers.

What strategies do they utilize to sell companies?

When a seller approaches a business broker in Cumberland County, PA, for example, for the first time, the most important questions they should ask should revolve around the strategies they intend to use to promote their business in the marketplace.

Some brokers take the approach of simply posting up an ad on an online B2B classified site and calling it a day.

Any business sales professional worth their salt should make use of both online and offline sales tactics; the latter should include exposure in traditional media such as newspapers and trade magazines so that they are able to reach buyers in older demographics.

Additionally, they should also have connections to other small business professionals, as it may enable them to use word of mouth in order to obtain solid leads.

How to prepare to sell a business in New Jersey

If the time has come to sell a business in NJ, there are a number of tasks that should be conducted before just opting to  drop it in the classifieds, or with a business broker in Somerset County, NJ.
The following steps will ensure that the sales process proceeds in a smooth and expeditious fashion…

Tidy up the property and the books

When getting a business valuation in Mercer County, NJ, it is important not only to ensure that the physical premises looks clean and neat, but that the paperwork for the business is in order.

Apart from passing the broom and putting a fresh coat of paint on the interior and exterior walls, the business owner also needs to go through the books line by line to make sure that the financials can be easily understood by those looking to buy a business in NJ.

Job responsibilities need to be outlined as well so that any potential suitor can walk in and run the business with almost the same ease as turning a key.

By taking care of these responsibilities in a proactive manner, the business seller can increase the appraisal of their company.

Draft a sales strategy

Once the business is in sale-ready shape, contact a business broker in Mercer County, NJ  and begin to plan out a sales strategy together.

These professionals will counsel sellers on how to market their business towards buyers that would be interested in purchasing the type of company they have to offer.

Generally speaking, look for buyers that are looking for a business that has an established system, as these players are often willing to pay top dollar for companies that possess this attribute.

Get an idea of what valuations are available in a given niche

Once a game plan has been written up, the last thing left to do before courting business buyers is to figure out how much money can be secured for a business.

A lot of this will have to do with the field in which the company in question is situated, but location plays a role as well.

For example, a business valuation in Somerset County, NJ will yield a different number than if one were to attempt to sell their company in Camden County.

Beyond this variable, physical attributes such as inventory levels will play a significant role in how much a business can fetch, but the biggest numbers to focus on have to do with profit, revenue, and cash flow.

Once it is clear to a business broker in Somerset County, NJ what these numbers are, the business owner will be able to get a clear cut answer of what dollar figure they can expect to get in exchange for their enterprise.